The Castaway Cove Dancers strategizing with their manager

Half Bartender, Half Monkey, ALL MAN!

Castaway Cove's Czarina of Propaganda, Frenchy Polynesia with World Famous Burlesque Perfomer Mig

Johnny Mac, Castaway Cove Gadfly and the inspiration for our "Thirstin' Haole" signature drink.

This one requires more explanation than we have the bandwidth to accomodate...

Your gracious Host and Hostess - always eager to please!

Oops, how the hell did this one get in here?!

It wasn't always paradise. Witness, it you dare, 

The Castaway Cove Dancers and Saucy Uncle Mike.

Guest bartenders bring much needed relief to the house pros.

With luck there will be more party photos coming soon...